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Environmental Engagement

The Nissan Leaf is fully electric and is Eco friendly

Mike Baldus, Reporter

March 9, 2020

Our school has a number of initiatives that are used to help the environment but, I don’t think it’s enough.  We pick up trash in the spring. Sometimes at lunch, there are recycling bins for plastics, but not all the time.  A common way to look at the environment is to reduce, reuse ...

Are schools putting too much on teens?

Teens struggle between the balance of homework, sports and their personal lives. (Photo courtesy of Creative Commons)

Natalie Dupuis, Reporter

March 3, 2020

Teenagers today have a lot going on and don’t have much time for themselves.  Students have multiple classes a day for five days a week. Homework is given out to students every night and teenagers have to balance all their classes’ homework.  Some people take advanced placement (AP) and honors cla...

Despite its intentions, technology is getting out of hand

Ben Pease, Reporter

February 5, 2020

Humans have always been motivated to advance and grow the functions of technology in our world. However, I believe it has come to the point where technology is advancing too fast in society today.   The beauty of human interaction is becoming lost in the classroom, city streets, restaurants and everywhere else. The exponential growth ...

Twisting trends

Natalie Dupuis, Reporter

January 16, 2020

As I look through my closet, I wonder what I’ll choose to wear for the next day. As I do that, I think “should I wear this or that?” Clothes express who I am and what my mood is for that day. I try to be unique and different in every way with my clothes, but sometimes my taste overlaps with ...

Finest Yet

Adrienne Parcheta, Reporter

January 14, 2020

The one and only former One Direction star Harry Styles released a new album on Dec. 13 called “Fine Line.” Not only is Styles divine looking, but his vocal abilities are also through the roof!  His previous album, “Harry Styles,” was a shock to all considering his past songs. Styles was n...

Impossible Whopper

Adrienne Parcheta, Reporter

January 14, 2020

This weekend on one of my frequent commutes around town, I decided to make a quick side stop to Burger King to get a taste of the new Impossible Whopper.  The typical Whopper consists of the meat patty, as well as the other basic ingredients such as tomatoes, lettuce, ketchup, mustard, basically any...

It pays to play

It pays to play

Nick Twa, Business Manager

December 9, 2019

Well college sports fans, it’s happening. The NCAA is working on making a plan that allows college athletes to profit off of their likenesses. This means the potential return of the NCAA football and basketball games by EA Sports, which is something fans have been eagerly waiting for. But this dec...

Calling It Like I See It: The ultimate “Haven Rumble”

The Bucs break down after their home game against Reeths Puffer. Grand Haven finished the year with a 6-5 record overall and made it to the district finals.

Sam Woiteshek, Co-Editor-In-Chief

November 29, 2019

Sometimes you’ve had enough. It comes at different points for everyone. There’s a point where you’ve been pushed around so much that things look hopeless. Lifeless. Void of any meaning or worth. At this moment, you have a choice: sit there and keep getting knocked down, or stand up and fight back....

Is it too early to decorate for Christmas?

Christmas decorations are starting to be put up for the holiday season, but it's too soon.

Natalie Dupuis, Reporter

November 26, 2019

Every year after Halloween people begin to talk about Christmas and everything related to the holiday season. I understand why people are excited for Christmas, but that doesn’t mean they should push Thanksgiving out of the way and skip to Christmas so soon.  People shouldn’t begin decorating or celeb...

Voice of the People – Whitmer’s line-item setbacks

Jacob Welch, Reporter

November 26, 2019

The veto - an exceedingly rare power to be only used for the sake of the people, or for the Executive to act as a trustee for the people?  That’s the question at the heart of the discussion for Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s recent line-item vetoes over the 2020 fiscal year appropriation bill. ...

Vocab (n): pointless, useless

A student fills out vocabulary practice problems for an assignment. These packets can present unnecessary stress for students with scare use for the words.

Grace Ostric, Reporter

November 26, 2019

Sitting in freshman English, the class groans as the teacher passes out the doomed double-sided horizontally stapled pages. The anxiety and apprehension begins begins to grow; you know what this means. This week, you’re going to have to spend precious time memorizing 20 pointless, random words that...