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Mild High Clubs third studio album Going Going Gone (2021)

Mild High Club misses mark on third studio album

Ben Pease, Arts and Entertainment Editor September 29, 2021

Alex Brettin may not be a name that jumps out to you right away, but he has received notable attention after his 2016 album Skiptracing and is the man behind the alias of Mild High Club.  After studying...

So Much For Gardening EP (2021)

Feng Suave utilizing old methods to create new sounds

Ben Pease, Arts and Entertainment Editor September 17, 2021

One heavily reverbed guitar, a bass line dancing out of the root notes, a soft yet steady progression played on keys and the dry, vintage drum rhythm tapping beats as if tossing stones upon a lake and...

Soul searches depths with humor and passion

‘Soul’ searches depths with humor and passion

Misgana Deur, Life Editor February 15, 2021

Several people suggested the movie “Soul” to my family and me. They said it was moving and excellent. So we decided to view it and see for ourselves how fantastic it is.  And they were right. Every...

Photo courtesy Geffen Records

‘drivers license’ becomes hit for more reasons than one

Sarah Mayer, News Editor February 10, 2021

As a teen, I need to have playlists for every situation. I usually rotate through rap and hip-hop, but recently my mix has been interrupted. My new favorite song is called “Drivers License'' by Olivia...

The Office leaves Netflix

The Office leaves Netflix

Megan Voorhees, Digital Media Manager January 22, 2021

As the year 2020 seemed to defy all expectations but little did we know it still had one more disappointment planned. The popular show among students and adults The Office was removed from the streaming...

CBC 2020

“Schitt’s Creek” embraces subtle comedy that makes show binge worthy

Sarah Mayer, News Editor December 22, 2020

  While scrolling through Netflix, searching for my next excuse to procrastinate, I came across the series, “Schitts Creek”, and boy is it binge-worthy.  The series is about the wealthy...

Onward induces outstanding emotion

“Onward” induces outstanding emotion

Misgana Deur, Life Editor December 11, 2020

I had the opportunity to watch Onward with my sister during quarantine. We both love watching adventurous movies. As we watch more and more films together, I will admit that I got critical about the characters,...

Censoring outside perspectives

Censoring outside perspectives

February Staff Editorial Support 6-0
March 9, 2020

Throughout history, people have sought to silence others whose opinions and perspectives they disagree with.  We’ve seen this through racial segregation in the South, we’ve seen this through...

The Nissan Leaf is fully electric and is Eco friendly

Environmental Engagement

Mike Baldus, Reporter March 9, 2020

Our school has a number of initiatives that are used to help the environment but, I don’t think it’s enough.  We pick up trash in the spring. Sometimes at lunch, there are recycling bins for...

Teens struggle between the balance of homework, sports and their personal lives. (Photo courtesy of Creative Commons)

Are schools putting too much on teens?

Natalie Dupuis, Assigning Editor March 3, 2020

Teenagers today have a lot going on and don’t have much time for themselves.  Students have multiple classes a day for five days a week. Homework is given out to students every night and teenagers...

Despite its intentions, technology is getting out of hand

Ben Pease, Arts and Entertainment Editor February 5, 2020

Humans have always been motivated to advance and grow the functions of technology in our world. However, I believe it has come to the point where technology is advancing too fast in society today.   The...

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