Morbius lacks flow

Sydney Kroll, Reporter

*Spoiler Warning*

The word “mid” might have been a term you saw floating around the internet when Marvel’s Morbius was released in early April. If there’s one thing I can say, however, it’s that this movie is just that. Mid.

To start my list of complaints, I think the movie itself was not put together incredibly smoothly. A lot of events felt sudden and out of place. The storyline didn’t feel like it had a nice ebb and flow, but rather, a rocky game of leapfrog.

Take Martine’s alleged “death” scenes near the end as an example. It felt like it just kind of appeared, was done, and that was that. Not to mention, she opened her red eyes later on in a classic Breaking Dawn Part 1 fashion.

Furthermore, the comedy they tried to implement came off as cheesy. The “You don’t want to see me when I’m hungry,” likely a reference to the Hulk, and the “I am Venom,” which is clearly a reference to, well, Venom, didn’t work too well. The ideas were good in theory but they didn’t play out well in the end.

There were some parts that weren’t too bad. For example, Luxias/Milo transformed himself into a “vampire” without Morbius’ knowledge and was committing many of the murders for which Morbius was blamed. It was a nice “best-friend-turns-antagonist” plot twist. However, I will admit, the characters need to pick between Luxias and Milo name-wise and stick to it. It can be hard enough to remember names, especially when it’s inconsistent.

All in all, this movie wasn’t the worst I’ve ever seen, but it wasn’t great. The idea behind it was good, but I just feel as though it was executed poorly. However, the end credits scene suggests that Morbius might just show his face another day. For now, though, we just have to hope that whatever comes next is better than this. After all, it gets worse before it can get better, right?