Grand Haven's student publication of community significance since 1927

The Bucs' Blade

Grand Haven's student publication of community significance since 1927

The Bucs' Blade

Grand Haven's student publication of community significance since 1927

The Bucs' Blade

Students can find Mr. Cook in the lunch room during all lunches, in his pod 7 office or around the school. Either way, students are encouraged to report issues to Mr. Cook, or just say a quick hello.

Fresh Faces: Adam Cook

Taylor Pokorski, Reporter March 20, 2024

Adam Cook, student advocate and safety coordinator isn't exactly new to GHHS. Wrestlers from years past will recognize him as Coach Cook, the brains behind the wrestling team.  How long have you...

Math teacher Jordan Connon is handing out papers. These papers will help aid students in grasping the mathematical concepts he teaches.

Fresh Faces: Jordan Connon

Nathan Burns, Reporter December 15, 2023

Jordan Connon is a welcome new face to the building. Found in room 2108, he teaches math at a variety of levels and is there to support his students through their learning. Who is your favorite musical...

Teacher Brooke Smeckert stops to help junior Hailey Eadie. She teaches English in room 7202.

Fresh Faces: Brooke Smeckert

Reegan Cook, Reporter October 23, 2023

Brooke Smeckert is a new English 11 teacher this year. You may recognize her if you are a senior as she taught her a couple of years ago. How long have you been teaching? I started in 2007, and...

Nathanial Carson spends his time assisting students academically. His dedication for his students is evident in all that he does.

Fresh Faces: Nathaniel Carson

Taylor Pokorski, Reporter October 19, 2023

Nathaniel Carson is new to the building, and is a teaching assistant in room 5208. Along with teaching and coaching, he runs an independent business working with student-athletes. His work in and out of...

Matthew Naber Teaches students creative ways to becoming a successful businesses owner. while new to the building hes already made an impact on the student and staff alike.

Fresh Faces: Matthew Naber

C Kelly, Reportor October 17, 2023

Many new staff members have joined us this semester. Amongst one of which is Matthew Naber, the school’s new business technology teacher. Naber not only teaches but also coaches Grand Haven's baseball...

Teacher aide and football coach Joshua Wisenbaugh wraps up his lunch.  He is often found with teacher Jeremy Wiebenga.

Fresh Faces: Joshua Wisenbaugh

Reegan Cook, Reporter October 16, 2023

Joshua Wisenbaugh is a new staff member this year. He is a teaching assistant who works with Jeremy Wiebenga. He also coaches the football team. How long (if at all) have you been teaching? (If...

Math lab supervisor Tyler Bollaert is solving equations on the whiteboard. His compassionate and patient teaching style helps students grasp mathematical concepts of all levels.

Fresh Faces: Tyler Bollaert

Nathan Burns, Reporter October 13, 2023

Tyler Bollaert, the new math lab supervisor, is a friendly and compassionate educator with over 30 years of teaching experience. Known for his patient teaching style, Tyler is dedicated to helping students...

Jody Mahoney works with senior Japhy Myraad in his first hour class. She helps Japhy through all of his classes to enable him to succeed.

Fresh Faces: Jody Mahoney

Katie Snyder, Editor October 12, 2023

Jody Mahoney is a new staff member this year. She's a teaching assistant who works with Japhy Myraad, a student in Mrs. Murray’s special education class as a one-on-one aide. She follows Japhy’s schedule...

New security guard Todd Taylor watches over cameras all day assuring the safety of the staff and students.

Fresh Faces: Todd Taylor

C Kelly, Reporter October 10, 2023

Nineteen new staff have joined us this year this including Todd Taylor the new security guard. Taylor sits in the main office watching the cameras insuring the safety of staff and student alike. As the...

Mrs Hauser-Brydon works with students with last names S-Z. She can be found in student services during school hours

Fresh Faces: Jessica Hauser-Brydon

Peter Ver Duin, Editor October 9, 2023

Jessica Hauser-Brydon is the school's newest social worker. She provides social counseling for students at the high school with the last names S-Z. She works in the student services department with the...

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