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Fresh Faces: Jessica Hauser-Brydon

Peter Ver Duin
Mrs Hauser-Brydon works with students with last names S-Z. She can be found in student services during school hours

Jessica Hauser-Brydon is the school’s newest social worker. She provides social counseling for students at the high school with the last names S-Z. She works in the student services department with the rest of the social workers providing support to all GHHS students. 

Jessica Hauser-Brydon:

Favorite artist?

I went to a Rufus Wainwright concert, and it was in Chicago. I had wanted to see him 18 years ago and didn’t get tickets fast enough. This year, I was able to get a ticket and he actually played a lot of the songs that I was hoping to hear many years ago.

Average caffeine intake?

I would say I’m having like a cup a day. 

What is your favorite activity?

I think it’s really neat, I have several family members that are runners and I just think it’s such a positive group of folks. It doesn’t define me but it’s always been a positive experience when I’ve gotten myself ready to run a race, I’ve enjoyed that community. It seems as though the folks who do it are setting personal goals for themselves, but it’s not like a competition. So I like that combination of being healthy but there are no winners or losers. You’re setting a goal for yourself.

What do you do outside of school?

My kids are in many sporting events so catching a tennis match or water polo game. We love to walk our dog, a border collie who needs to have at least a walk a day. I’m also pretty involved in my local church, First Presbyterian in Grand Haven.

How long have you been a social worker?

This is my fifth year in Grand Haven schools working as a social worker. Prior to coming here, I worked at Robinson Elementary, and I also spent some time at Peach Plains. Prior to Grand Haven, I worked in the Muskegon area in a similar role. I’ve also worked in a school district on the other side of the state and one down in Georgia.

Most difficult part of the transition?

There are a lot of new systems to learn. I quickly got used to saying ‘I don’t know but I can ask.’ I think that a big piece of high school is learning how to advocate for yourself. 

Have you felt accepted at the high school?

I’m still pretty new, but I feel like the staff, students, and parents have been welcoming and cool.

What other careers did you consider?

I studied English literature and music. In addition to my social work and education, I have a pastoral ministry degree.

One change you want to see implemented at the high school?

So this is actually a change that’s in the works, the Student Services Department is partnering with teachers to connect with students in the classroom. It’s going to be a way to interact with students outside of this office. 

Anything else?

I’m excited to see how my role fits in with the Grand Haven school community. Social workers are accessible to all students.

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