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Senior Sammy Ritter picks out handbags at local Goodwill.

Old made new again

Violet Kemperman, Reporter May 25, 2022

Thrifted clothing has become a lot more popular amongst teens, but you don’t usually hear of the students that thrift to make an income.  Senior Samantha Ritter thrifts designer items to clean up...

Senior, Cambelle Cleveland, puts on an impeccable performance of Juliet.

Q&A With Cambelle Cleveland

Lei Murphy, Reporter May 24, 2022

Senior, Campbell Cleveland, who you might know as Juliet Capulet in our last school play, has been doing theater for around 8 years. She is extremely passionate about theater and has gotten so much out...

AT THE BOARD: a community member addressed the board of education on May 9 about inappropriate material.

Clash over library content continues

Restoring Ottawa wants parental consent for kids to be able to check out books they think are age inappropriate.
Addy Vargo, Reporter May 24, 2022

Written language was invented roughly five and a half thousand years ago, the first book written somewhere between the second and fifth centuries, and throughout it all people debated about the ideas shared...

ADDRESSING THE BOARD: a Restoring Ottawa members shares their grievances with the Board of Education at the May 9 meeting.

CRT controversy goes local

Restoring Ottawa claims GHAPS is disguising critical race theory and leftist propaganda as diversity, equity and inclusion training. Administration disagrees.
Addy Vargo, Reporter May 24, 2022

Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin won election last fall, in part due to promises to ban critical race theory in classrooms.  This win highlights the nationwide controversy regarding the previously obscure...

POSE: Larrison poses for the camera holding a Purdue University sign where she will be attending  in the fall.

Senior Jade Larrison applies for over 100 scholarships to cover out of state tuition

Misgana Deur, Life Editor May 23, 2022

Topic chosen, done. Essay written, done. Scholarship mailed, done. Senior Jade Larrison sighs in relief as she completes her latest scholarship application. The process has become familiar considering...


‘Sidelines’ falls short

Violet Kemperman, Reporter May 23, 2022

Phoebe Bridgers is currently on tour in support of Punisher, the album that was released in 2020. She released her new single, “Sidelines,” shortly after the trailer for Conversations with Friends,...

MAN OF STEEL: Senior Aidan Pike shows of his catch after a long day of fishing in the cold river water. (photo courtesy of AIdan Pike)

Pike Fishing

Caden Buller, Reporter May 19, 2022

For most students, fishing is uncommon in their household. They may know what it is, or they may have caught a largemouth bass with their grandpa years ago. But, no matter the case, they don’t share...

Record Revolution

Vinyl is trending once again

Mike Baldus, Reporter May 12, 2022

The Find Discount Retail is located at 1705 S Beacon Blvd, Grand Haven, neighbors with Lucky Tea Cafe and West Michigan Nutrition. The companies mission is to provide cheap prices while also giving back to the community. ““My reason for giving back is because we’re all human and we all experience so much negativity, that there’s no reason not to be kind and help others,” Freeman said.

New Discount store opens in town, benefits Grand Haven community members

Sarah Mayer, News Editor March 30, 2022

Becky Freeman always knew she wanted to find a way to give back to her community. What she couldn’t quite figure out was how.  But, her dream began to click into place as she and her husband sat...

PERFECTION IS KEY: Final checks are done on the robot before the competition starts to make sure its dialed in and ready to go. 
(Photo by Jake Roberson)

Radiant Robotics Club

Caden Buller, Reporter March 30, 2022

From 6-8 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, the Robotics Team works tirelessly on their robot to make sure every nut, bolt and wire is put into place, and placed right. The roster for...


Peyton Balavitch, Reporter March 29, 2022

  Astrology has become widely popular due to the rapid growth of the practice of spirituality. Whether it is through yoga or chakras, or even just checking your horoscope on social media posts.  What...

A student gets her temperature checked amidst the rise and fall of COVID-19 cases.

Community still feels need for precautions despite decrease in cases

Sydney Kroll, Reporter March 11, 2022

We are all familiar with the smell of urgent cares and the feeling of COVID-19 tests tickling your sinuses. Overhearing your peers and local news stations droning on about the latest variants and severities...

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