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Surfin' Sispera

Junior Jonah Sispera makes a splash surfing

Megan Voorhees, Digital Media Manager November 17, 2021

Makayla Perrault finishes a 95 pound clean during her CrossFit competition.

Makayla Perrault pushes past limits

Abby Dzikowicz, Reporter November 16, 2021

The low murring of the car roars in her ears. The wind spilling from her open window tugs at her hair, cooling her down from her runner's high. The sense of euphoria and accomplishment after pushing...

Spring Lake teacher, David Theune, uses professional recording equipment when interviewing students. While he has these materials available for use, teachers from other schools that contribute do not. Many use a phone to record and then send it into Theune.

David Theune elevates empathy with Share Chair Podcast

Camille Berko, Editor In Chief November 12, 2021

It started with bullying.  It wasn’t obvious, or violent, or so blatantly antagonistic that everyone around stopped to watch. It wasn’t like what they show you in the movies.  Instead, it was...

GIRL POWER: Freshman kaitlyn Gillard shows off her muscles as she holds onto a helmet. She started playing football when she was in seventh grade and is currently the only girl in the Grand Haven High School football program.

Freshman Kaitlyn Gillard plays football as the only female player

Misgana Deur, Life Editor November 9, 2021

She weaves through the hallways wearing a Grand Haven football jersey. You might be wondering who she is, or why she is wearing a jersey. Well, freshman Kaitlyn Gillard is unlike any other. She is the...

CAPTURING CLIPS: Teacher Josh Walters peers at the camera display as he films the football game. He puts together highlight videos for Grand Haven athletics. One of the coolest things for me to do is connect with the kids, Walters said. I dont have all the kids in class, so seeing them out there playing their sport or participating in whatever they like to do is a lot of fun.

Teacher Josh Walters attracts attention after creating videography business

Caden Buller, Reporter November 5, 2021
If there's something out there that you enjoy doing, pursue it and have fun with it. It might take a push sometimes from other people but once those people tell you that you have talent, give this a shot, go for, why not.
Ryan Hough celebrates with the student section at the homecoming football game.

Ryan Hough steals show with homecoming campaign

Violet Kemperman, Reporter November 4, 2021

Ryan Hough, with his witty humor and charismatic energy, made it a mission to get homecoming king.  Hough is quick with a joke, and always ready with a comeback in hand. His confidence and self-assurance...

Suli RIvera poses with some of her work for a photo.

Suli Rivera shares beaded creations

Mattee DeMott, Reporter November 4, 2021

Junior Suli Rivera sits working quietly, guided by her artistic spirit. She carefully plots the design and color scheme of her next pair of earrings. Each pair will be irreplaceable and individual. Crunch...

So Much For Gardening EP (2021)

Feng Suave utilizing old methods to create new sounds

Ben Pease, Arts and Entertainment Editor September 17, 2021

One heavily reverbed guitar, a bass line dancing out of the root notes, a soft yet steady progression played on keys and the dry, vintage drum rhythm tapping beats as if tossing stones upon a lake and...

HARD AT WORK: Future PREPd members collaborate to finish the slideshow for an upcoming presentation. I think it is important to be in this club because it gave me a lot of chances to work on a group project that isnt school, Ritter said. Learning how to work well with others is important.

Future PREP’d collaborates with Health Pointe to revise virtual health care system

Grace Montgomery, Editor In Chief May 21, 2021

A room filled with eight upperclassmen might not seem like enough to revise a virtual health system. But as juniors Cambelle Cleveland, Alison Doerr, Gavin Hubner, Samantha Ritter, Zoie Russell, Brooke...

WINDING UP: Lexi Thompson takes the ball back in her stance in her competition at Fairlanes alley.

Senior Bowler Lexi Thompson continues to excel despite Covid-19 limitations

Sarah Mayer, News Editor May 7, 2021

Senior Lexi Thompson closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. A hush falls over the alley as she prepares. Her eyes open and narrow in on the pins. She brings the ball back in her stance, lined up to...

ALL SMILES: English teacher Angel Dean lightens the mood during a round table discussion in order to create a welcoming environment that provokes thoughtful discussions. Kids want to be seen, they want to be understood and they want to be cared about and you cant get them to do the things you want them to do until they know that theyre safe and cared about, Dean said.

Teachers John Josephson, Angel Dean and social worker Katie Havey work to mend mental health following periods of virtual learning

Camille Berko, Editor In Chief April 1, 2021

You lost interest in the lesson five minutes in. Your camera and mic are clicked off, you’re still laying in bed and you haven’t changed out of the clothes you slept in. Although you’re well aware...

GREENHOUSE GOD: Glass shows different types of plants that students are growing in his Greenhouse Biology class whether it may be different types of vegetables or houseplants. I get pumped up when I see somebody enjoying stuff in the greenhouse. Later they might say Hey, Im gonna build a garden this year. You [then] know that theyre taking away something from the class, Glass said.

Science teacher creates change in everyday lives

Science teacher Roger Glass leaves an impact on those around him creating an approachable atmosphere
Natalie Dupuis, Assigning Editor March 18, 2021

Laughter fills the air as science teacher Roger Glass struggles to spit out his famous fish story while he gags on his words. He pauses from time to time to keep himself from vomiting like he’s...

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