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HARD AT WORK: Future PREP'd members collaborate to finish the slideshow for an upcoming presentation.

Future PREP’d collaborates with Health Pointe to revise virtual health care system

Grace Montgomery, Managing Editor for Design May 21, 2021

A room filled with eight upperclassmen might not seem like enough to revise a virtual health system. But as juniors Cambelle Cleveland, Alison Doerr, Gavin Hubner, Samantha Ritter, Zoie Russell, Brooke...

WINDING UP: Lexi Thompson takes the ball back in her stance in her competition at Fairlanes alley.

Senior Bowler Lexi Thompson continues to excel despite Covid-19 limitations

Sarah Mayer, Reporter May 7, 2021

Senior Lexi Thompson closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. A hush falls over the alley as she prepares. Her eyes open and narrow in on the pins. She brings the ball back in her stance, lined up to...

GREENHOUSE GOD: Glass shows different types of plants that students are growing in his Greenhouse Biology class whether it may be different types of vegetables or houseplants.

Science teacher creates change in everyday lives

Science teacher Roger Glass leaves an impact on those around him creating an approachable atmosphere
Natalie Dupuis, Assigning Editor March 18, 2021

Laughter fills the air as science teacher Roger Glass struggles to spit out his famous fish story while he gags on his words. He pauses from time to time to keep himself from vomiting like he’s...

A FOOT ABOVE: Keefe gets her hands on the basketball as Hudsonville point guard goes up for the shot. Even at 5'8

Sole senior Avery Keefe sets example for entire basketball program

Humble leader develops quiet shot and will leave legacy on court for years to come
Grace Ostric, Editor in Chief March 18, 2021

Intermittent squeaks of shoes on the shiny hardwood floor, the overpowering sound of Lil’ Wayne’s “Uproar” blasting through the loudspeaker and harsh iridescent lights overwhelm the senses when...

BIRD'S EYE VIEW: Schaub poses in BDG black jeans with a yellow long sleeve shirt and a pair of Nike shoes.

Senior Karlee Schaub shows uniqueness through fashion

Natalie Dupuis, Assigning Editor February 26, 2021

From Urban Outfitters to thrift stores, senior Karlee Schaub collects pieces of clothing to add to her unique collection of clothes. “I think those places have the most unique clothes,” Schaub said....


Senior Theo Moleski raises bees

Misgana Deur, Reporter February 17, 2021


MEDALS: Adrianna supports one of her rifles on her shoulders while showing off many of her medals. Over the course of her career she has collected even more than what is shown but they couldn't all fit on the gun.

Adrianna Beard shoots precision air rifle on national stage

Camille Berko, Managing Editor for Content February 6, 2021

From a casual conversation with friendly and cheery junior Adrianna Beard, you’d never guess that she competitively shoots precision air rifle and small-bore at the national level. Spend a little...

Online student junior Kassidy Bush participates in fall production

Online student junior Kassidy Bush participates in fall production

Grace Montgomery, Managing Editor for Design December 22, 2020

Junior Kassidy Bush adjusts her microphone, securing it underneath her plastic mask. She takes a deep breath and becomes one with her character. A variety of lines and blocking sequences play on repeat...

FOCUSED: Senior Lilly Anthes rides her horse, Donnie, while scanning the area during a show. Anthes is an accomplished equestrian who competes on at the national level and regularly travels the country to compete against the best of her age.

Senior Lilly Anthes competes on national equestrian level

Camille Berko, Managing Editor for Content December 13, 2020

1, 2. 1, 2. 3, 2, 1. Jump.  Just like practice. Body in line, weight forward.  1, 2. 1, 2. 3, 2, 1. Jump.  She catches a glimpse of a 0 and is disappointed, an 80 out of 100 is by no means...

FULFILLING ORDERS: Fox can oftentimes be found in the workspace her and her mom created, cranking out orders for international customers. “Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany

Sophomore Lannie Fox runs her own business

Sarah Mayer, Reporter December 11, 2020

Sophomore Lannie Fox enters her craft room after a long day of school, homework, and soccer practice.  Ding!  Her phone flashes as she receives a notification. Three new orders have been placed!...

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