Junior Makenna Edwards struggles with online school during “coronacation”


Courtesy of Makenna Edwards

Junior Makenna Edwards relaxes on her couch with her younger brother Aiden and her dog Charlie.

Cameron March, Reporter

Junior Makenna Edwards was taken aback by Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s announcement a couple of weeks ago that schools in Michigan must close until April 5. 

“I was surprised,” Edwards said. “I just didn’t think we would actually close.”

Albeit surprised, Edwards has been enjoying her “coronacation”. She’s spent most of the time hanging out with her boyfriend and watching Netflix. Given businesses and the majority of normal life is shutdown, Edwards has not chosen to self-quarantine herself, unlike the majority. 

Edwards claims she’s not worried about the whole situation with the coronavirus. 

“I just don’t think it’s gonna affect my generation,” Edwards said. “I have plans to go to Detroit soon and spend time with my mom for the next couple of weeks.” 

With all of the schools in Michigan shut down, some schools like Grand Haven High school have switched to online learning and some students have found it difficult to adjust to the online environment. 

She’s also found that teaching herself the content is significantly more difficult. This isn’t the hardest part about online schooling though according to Edwards. 

Instead, she’s learned finding the motivation to do the work is the hardest part.

“It’s hard to find the motivation,” Makenna said. “I had to get away from my brothers and put away my phone.”