Ryan Hough steals show with homecoming campaign


Gavin Hubner

Ryan Hough celebrates with the student section at the homecoming football game.

Violet Kemperman, Reporter

Ryan Hough, with his witty humor and charismatic energy, made it a mission to get homecoming king. 

Hough is quick with a joke, and always ready with a comeback in hand. His confidence and self-assurance set him apart from other students, he is never afraid to speak his mind and share his hilarity with others. 

After 2 years, GHHS is finally able to celebrate homecoming. The atmosphere shifts, students giddy with excitement and school spirit floods the halls. Every year a virtual poll is sent out, by Principal Tracy Wilson, to each graduating class to vote for Homecoming nominees. This year, one name on the ballot stands out a little more than the others.  

With the help of friends, Seniors Ryan Hough, Jacob Welch, and Carl Jaeger put together a homecoming campaign to get Ryan homecoming king. 

Unlike other campaigns, Hough 2021 went above and beyond for its voters. Stickers and T-shirts were a hit here at Grand Haven High School. 

“I was bored. I’m like okay, you know what would be a good joke? if we started a homecoming campaign.” Senior and Campaign Manager, Jacob Welch said “I came to the conclusion why Ryan? Because He’s an interesting person. Like I’m not gonna say he was a perfect or the best candidate that was offered. I chose Ryan because who else? Everyone loves Ryan. He’s perfect, he fits like all of the demographics in high school. I don’t know anyone that dislikes Ryan, besides me.” 

This homecoming campaign was inspired by the Fisher Mancilla campaign many years ago. Mancilla was a senior in 2018 when his friends decided to get him the crown of homecoming king, similar to the Hough campaign.

Hough 2021 made an official Instagram account in late August at the start of school. The account was run mainly by Welch in an attempt to gain supporters for their campaign. Occasional posts were made with catchy slogans and creative photos of Ryan, some posts give viewers a better understanding of who Ryan is and why you should vote for him.

Stickers were easily mass-produced, with high demand among students, and t-shirts were given out later in the week for $15. T-shirts were made at Carl Jaegers house during an Instagram live while answering questions from peers. T-shirts were sold the week leading up to the homecoming crowning.  

Wednesday, Oct 6, the Hough campaign teamed up with Tina Reyes and set up a table in the lunchroom selling merch and baked goods. Roughly 51 Hough 2021 t-shirts were successfully sold, to the students at the High School.

Since the production of the Hough stickers, many have been seen posted on walls, microwaves, and other surfaces by students.

After a few stickers and posters were placed around the school by students, the group is in agreement that the stickers around the school are free publicity, but Jacob Welch would advise not to vandalize the school though, by placing stickers all over the place. If you have permission to place it somewhere, go ahead. Many have been seen with Hough stickers on water bottles, cars, Chromebooks, and more unique places.

Both Hough and Welch acknowledged the work of Carl Jaeger, which seems to go unrecognized. Carl is the production manager of this campaign and has volunteered a tremendous amount to the people. 

“It’s me [Ryan Hough], Jacob Welch. And then, Carl Jaeger has been very instrumental. We use his house for a lot of sticker making and T-shirt making.”

As the night arrives, students gather in the student section, the band rests on the side of the field, and the homecoming court gathers in alphabetical order on the field. Two by two the nominees are announced and make their way to the front.

“I think it’d be just as funny if I lost. It’d be somewhat funnier if I lost, but I still want to win because that’d be funny too,” Hough said the week before the big night.

A drum roll is queued to the band as the crowd waits in anticipation for the results of who will be King and Queen. 

Ryan Hough’s name is heard over the speakers in the packed stadium, and with no hesitation, the crowd goes wild. The student section gets louder.

And louder.

And louder.

Hough proudly walks to the front of the football field, wearing a brown suit with bright green shoes that stand out among the rest of the court. 

Waving his arms in their air, encouraging the crowd in their applause, a smile stretches across his face as the crown is placed on his head. 

The campaign team continues to revel in their victory taking pictures with adoring voters the rest of the night.