Mike Reed remains with Science Olympiad

Emily Bruch, News Editor

There were many changes to the staff list over the summer, but there is one familiar face students will continue to see roaming the halls.

Although he retired from teaching chemistry last school year, Michael Reed will soon start his 18th year as the head coach of the Science Olympiad team.

“It was something that the school district wanted me to continue doing because there wasn’t anyone really who had expressed any interest in becoming the head coach,” Reed said. “Our school district understands the value of having Science Olympiad at the high school.”

Reed knows his absence will make it harder to communicate with team members, but there will be posters up to notify students when tryouts take place. He is also making plans to designate an empty classroom as a  team meeting place.

Going into his 25th year of involvement in the program, Reed is watching for a dedicated, organized and passionate person who will eventually succeed him as head coach. Even after he steps down, Reed wants to leave the program in good hands to ensure future success.

“All I can say is I’ll take it a year at a time,” Reed said. “At some point, everybody has to stop doing something.”