Robotics team places 11th in world championship


Courtesy of GHHS Twitter

The FIRST Robotics team came in 6th place at the FRC World Championship this past week

Micala Carpenter, Reporter

The FIRST Robotics team came in first in their division in the World Championship this past week. They placed 11th out of 76 teams after travelling to St. Louis Missouri for the first time after six years of attempts.

In order to make it to the FIRST Championship, they had to do well enough in the Michigan Championship to qualify. From April 13-16 they competed and came in 37th out of 102 teams and then lost in the second round of finals. This is the Buc N’ Gears’ best record in history and the members of the team are happy with how everything turned out.

“It has been a fantastic season for the team, and I am very proud of how far we’ve come,” sophomore Ryan Klahorst said. “Robotics has definitely been interesting and so much fun.”

The team hopes to expand in the community, starting both robotics and lego leagues and possibly running camps after such an amazing year.

Coach Chuck Priese is proud of each student and believes all of their hard work payed off.

“They spent a huge amount of their time training, preparing, studying, strategizing, and designing,” Coach Chuck Priese said. “These accomplishments, along with their school homework should make themselves feel proud. We had an awesome year.”

The FRC team's robot
Courtesy of GHHS Twitter
The FRC team robot