Hurricanes aftermath and donation support centers available

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Hurricanes aftermath and donation support centers available

Ashton Voorhees, Reporter

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The Atlantic hurricane season of 2017 featured several strong hurricanes. Harvey and Irma hurricanes hitting the southern part of the United States, with hurricane Maria pounding the Caribbean region shortly after.

Harvey made landfall on August 26 and brought catastrophic floods with 43 inches of rain showering on the Metro Houston area. Irma struck Florida as a category four storm and forced more than 6.3 million people to evacuate, leaving as many as 16 million people without power.

Puerto Rico was battered by hurricane Maria, a category five storm with 175 mph winds and the storm knocked out all power in the country. Maria devastated multiple parts of the Caribbean and several destinations popular with travelers are closed because of the damages.

Effects of the hurricanes can be felt around the country. Many students having ties to the areas hit by hurricanes through family members, friends, or through means of vacationing. Florida, Texas, and the Caribbean islands are all popular tourist destinations.

Barbuda, the British Virgin Islands, St. Martin, Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Florida Keys have not reopened to tourists yet. Puerto Rico remains the country in worst condition after Maria, with almost no power in the country, and little to no air traffic due to destruction to airports.

Donations to hurricane Irma, Maria and Harvey victims can be made through the American Red Cross and, The Salvation Army is also accepting donations to help with relief for all three hurricanes.

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