Lakeshore Leadership Group connects with local entrepreneur

Nick Garvale, Reporter

The Lakeshore Leadership Connections group met on Thursday Oct. 26, at the Tri-Cities Historical Museum eager to learn about the importance of leadership through the perspective of one of Grand Haven’s most successful entrepreneurs, Kelly Larson the owner of Sweet Temptations and multiple other locations.

“When they asked me to speak I said of course,” said Larson. “I am passionate about our schools anyway and to be able to get a small group. It’s an easy way to give back.”

Students who attended had the opportunity to learn important skills like leadership, responsibility, accountability and the ins and outs of what it is like to be an entrepreneur.

“Just that working as an entrepreneur is difficult at times but overall an awesome thing, you learn a lot of different leadership skills through being an entrepreneur,” said sophomore Kate Criswell-North.

A concept Larson talked about was that there are always other trails you can take. Coming from her (who switched her major 3 times), patience shows that good endings come when you’re happy.

“I just hope each of them has a take away that will make them better, be it in a better way to think about themselves or to know that other opportunities are out there for them,” said Larson.