Students alarmed by new warning bell


Grace Montgomery

The computer system that controls the bell system for the school.

Grace Montgomery, Managing Editor for Design

A different sound replaced the high school’s one-minute warning bell on September 17.  

“Because we have so many bells throughout the course of the day, there was a real issue for students to determine which bell meant it was time to go to class,” principal Tracy Wilson said. “So the idea was to have a different sound as the warning bell.”

Student Senate leaders recommended the idea based on feedback from their peers. 

“We were just trying to support the student request in the fact that kids were feeling like they were tardy to class because they were not moving away from their locker or from chatting with friends,” Wilson said. “They didn’t realize that the bell that they heard was the actual bell for the warning bell.” 

The administrators look for ways to support student requests. 

“We try real hard to do something in the building when there is a student request,” Wilson said. “So that was one we felt like we could easily honor.”

Many students enjoy the concept of the new bell, but don’t necessarily like the new sound.

“I like how it’s different,” Sophomore Julia Kapala said. “But, it needs to be shorter.”

Wilson says there are a plethora of bell options, however she believes there aren’t many good ones. 

“We have had, in the past, kids test all the bell sounds and determine which sound and we always end up back at the original one,” Wilson said. “But that could potentially be an option if there was a group of kids that felt they wanted to hear the different sounds.”