Choir connects at annual event


Sophia Jaeger

Choir students learn dance moves to one of the many choir dances. To learn the dance they split up into small groups where they met new people and learned new moves.

Choir students filled the stage of the Performing Arts Center on September 30 for the Choir Connections Revolution, more commonly referred to as CCR by Choir students.

CCR is the time when all five choirs get together not to perform but instead to bond.

 “Just to bring all the choirs together at the beginning of the year, because otherwise they just meet separately,” choir teacher Juli Dick said. “Especially to really embrace the freshman into the choir family.”

Throughout the evening the students learned music, danced, watched comedy skits and got to know people from outside their own choirs.

“My favorite memory tonight was probably learning one of the choir dances we’re all doing together,” freshman Brendan Howard said. “And just people laughing and having a good time even though you messed up, and no one cares really, it’s a great time.” 

CCR is an annual event and for the seniors, it marks one of many lasts to come this year.

“It’s senior year so it’s a big moment,” senior Madison Hornack said. “It’s the last time getting to actually be with everyone in the choir family besides like an actual concert. Yeah, we get to have fun here and there’s a lot of bonding it’s great.”

Overall CCR is about creating a place of acceptance and making each choir student feel they’ve found another family.

“It’s really a beautiful thing to do and to connect in certain ways with certain people,” senior Daniel Bremmer said. “To have that whole family aspect you get to spend time with really quality people.”