Jostens prepares seniors for graduation


Adrienne Parcheta, Reporter

Jostens was at the high school selling class rings, cap and gowns and senior gear today in the cafeteria. The last days seniors are able to turn in forms will be on Tuesday, Oct. 22 and Wednesday, Oct. 30. Seniors can also order online before Christmas break. 

“Seniors have been working hard for 12 plus years,” Jostens sales representative Amy Hollandsworth said. “It’s a special year to be celebrated.”

They are here to help seniors get ready for graduation, as well as celebrate this new upcoming chapter of their lives. 

“Graduation day is one of the most special days of your life,” Hollandsworth said. “You want to be ready for the big day.”

If you’re interested in purchasing anything from Jostens or just want some more information you can visit their website: