Shedd aquarium field trip

Grace Ostric, Editor in Chief

Steffanie Portenga’s marine biology class traveled to the Shedd Aquarium on Tuesday, December 3. 

The class attended the aquarium to see the animals they have talked about in class. Right now, they are studying marine mammals. 

Students got the opportunity to explore the aquarium in small groups, and even got to see a beluga whale Christmas performance. 

This is Portenga’s first year teaching the class and she is the only one teaching it, so she has the freedom to come up with the curriculum on her own. 

The class is a half semester class, focusing on marine life and factors that impact these ecosystems. Students have also had the opportunity to dissect sharks and horseshoe crabs. 

“I took this class because it seemed really interesting,” junior Ethan Jhamb said. “It’s been a really fun experience so far, especially the field trip. It’s taught me a lot of cool things I’ve never thought about.”