First Priority plans to continue


Natalie Dupuis

POSTER: First Priority will take place in Nelson’s room (2111) each Tuesday after school until 3:30.

Sarah Mayer, News Editor

First Priority will begin October 6 after school and take place each Tuesday in room 2111. Led by teacher and coach Joe Nelson, the Non-denominational Christian based club aims at creating an environment where students feel free to learn and ask questions, no matter their level of faith. This will be Nelson’s first year leading the club. 

“High School is such an opportunity to try things,” Nelson said. “You can just show up and dip your toe in it and learn and meet some kids that live a Christian life.” 

The club is open to everyone and doesn’t require any prior knowledge. 

“I just want to be a role model of what a Christian can look like. I’m a regular person, you know,” Nelson said. “You don’t have to change your whole life and be this mold that people think. You can still have fun and be with people and lead a good life.”

Like many other clubs, Covid-19 concerns have led to modifications, for First Priority that includes a time change. 

“We’re not really sure what to expect after school with a lot of kids that are involved in activities,” Nelson said.”Trying to get the word out, is going to be a challenge because there’s only so much we can do in a public school to market for First Priority and FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), so we’re really counting on kids to spread the word.”