Star Wars Visions does not disappoint


Star War Visions promotional poster.

Mattee DeMott, Reporter

A long history follows the Star Wars cinematic universe, whether it be from the 9 movies or dozens of various TV shows, Star Wars has made a massive media impact. 

Following the arrival of the Disney+ streaming service, Disney has been able to open up the Star Wars universe even further. Broadening their horizons once again with Star Wars Visions. Released on Sept. 22, 2o21 Visions has made an impact.

With its short stories and beautiful Japanese animation, Visions has lived up to all of the hype. Nine beautiful episodes followed a variety of stories each and every one designed by a talented anime creator. 

After the amazing release of Disney’s The Mandalorian, I feared there would be little left for Disney to create in the Star Wars universe. Although, Star Wars Visions did not disappoint. It opened new doors, broke ground, and crossed bridges between Star Wars and anime all at once.