Band sells pies in order to raise money


Sydney Kroll

Support your peers in band by purchasing apple pies.

Sydney Kroll, Reporter

Band members are selling apple pies until Oct. 25 in order to raise money. It is one of four fundraisers run each year which help contribute an extra 35,000-40,000 dollars for commodities such as new instruments, equipment, uniforms, performances, and traveling.

“We started this eight years ago and it’s just always been really supported by the community,” band director Iain Novoselich said. “It works well for us and we like it.”

All pies are 12 dollars and buyers are given the option between crumble top and double-crusted.  If you are interested in purchasing a pie, contact any band member or go to All pies are hand made and production will be highly supervised in order to keep the process as COVID-19 friendly as possible. 

“We are cautiously watching this year because we know people might be reticent in purchasing pies due to COVID concerns,” Novoselich said. 

Pie-making students will be masked, have hair nets, and other food-safe certified precautions.

“That’s what we’re opting to do and we think it’s the best choice moving forward and during the time of the pandemic,” Novoselich said.