Fixing frequent Chromebook issues


Mattee DeMott, Reporter

What should students do about Chromebook damage?

If your Chromebook is damaged externally in any way you can bring your Chromebook down to the media center any time after 7:00am. 

What if your Chromebook isn’t turning on or charging? What if a page isn’t loading or your page is frozen?

Your Chromebook may just need to be restarted. 

“I think one thing students need to know to help prevent some common Chromebook issues is that they should be restarting their Chromebook at least once a week,” said Mandy Miller of the Chromebook help desk. 

If restarting your Chromebook does not fix the issue try a hard refresh:

  1. Plug Chromebook into a working outlet and charging cable
  2. Press and hold the Refresh and Power keys at the same time until the screen turns off
  3. Release the keys and allow the Chromebook to power back on (about 10 seconds)
  4. If the Chromebook doesn’t turn back on, close the lid, wait 5 seconds and open the lid.