Five gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Sydney Kroll, Reporter

Heart-shaped chocolate boxes, the pop of red throughout grocery stores, and an increased assortment of flowers. As Valentine’s Day is coming our way, many people draw a blank on what to get their loved ones. If you are feeling stumped, here are some gift ideas that they will love:

Flowers and candy – They may be a bit basic and generic, but they are always appreciated. If you want to go the extra mile, buy their favorite candy, and if they have a favorite color or flower, buy them a bouquet pertaining to that. 

Something handmade – Giving your friend/significant other something you made by hand is an adequate way to show you care. It shows them that you took time out of your day in order to create something that they’ll love. It doesn’t have to be some huge project either, it could be something as simple as a hand-painted mug or matching beaded bracelets.

A collage – A collage can be a good idea as it is very versatile. You can put anything you want on a collage, from photos taken together, love letters, or some of your favorite memories. It can potentially be framed or hung up on a wall and it’s something nice to look back on.

A planned out day/evening – There are many exciting things you can incorporate into this. A picnic, going out to dinner, or maybe watching the sunset at the beach. It is a good way to connect and spend time together while also having fun at the same time.

Something related to their interests – It’s something that they can use to do what they love. For example, if they are into makeup you can get them an eyeshadow palette to experiment with. It can also show that you’re being attentive and paying attention when they talk about or do things.