Impossible Whopper

Adrienne Parcheta, Reporter

This weekend on one of my frequent commutes around town, I decided to make a quick side stop to Burger King to get a taste of the new Impossible Whopper. 

The typical Whopper consists of the meat patty, as well as the other basic ingredients such as tomatoes, lettuce, ketchup, mustard, basically anything you want that satisfies your taste buds. Whereas the Impossible Whopper consists of a meatless patty, an alternative for the meat patty. 

The vegetarian meat is made from the company Impossible Foods, that is focused on making meat alternatives.

I’ve never been the biggest meat eater, the textures and the thought of eating a dead animal has always turned me off. So when I heard of the Impossible Whopper, I’m not going to lie, I was intrigued. Many were amazed by the Whopper, as people say it tastes just like the typical Whopper, despite containing the plant-based meat. So going into this, I had high expectations. 

At first glance, the contents of the Impossible Whopper meal looks almost identical to the regular Whopper meal. The packaging was full of vibrant colors. I had the choice to add cheese, and that was an obvious answer. Yes.

You also have the option to add bacon to your whopper, though I feel as if that ruins the whole point of the Impossible Whopper, so for the first time ever, I said no to bacon. 

When you unwrap the Whopper, from first glance it looks like the regular Whopper, but with further investigation, you can see the veggie variety in the patty. 

Despite looking almost identical to the meat Whopper, within first bite you can tell that the Impossible Whopper was different. 

The Impossible Foods patty texture was more dry than the regular meat patty. 

I’m glad I had the chance to try the Impossible Whopper.  I mean, there’s nothing wrong in lessening the meat intake in my diet. Overall, it tasted less meaty, less savory, and less juicy, and just not as delicious as the regular Whopper. 

The Impossible Whopper was exceptional and a great alternative from the regular meat patty, but if I ever find myself in the Burger King drive through again, I think I’ll just stick with the regular Whopper. Other than that, it was still better than any other veggie patty I’ve had, it tasted more meaty as well.