Despite its intentions, technology is getting out of hand

Ben Pease, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Nick Rice

Humans have always been motivated to advance and grow the functions of technology in our world. However, I believe it has come to the point where technology is advancing too fast in society today.  

The beauty of human interaction is becoming lost in the classroom, city streets, restaurants and everywhere else. The exponential growth technology is on needs to level off soon, otherwise, things will get scary. 

Technology-based companies such as Tesla and Apple keep pushing the technological state that we are in. The constant production of new inventions such as Tesla’s Cyber Truck or new cell phones and laptops with crazy and highly efficient technology systems has a way of making the future seem, in a way, forced upon us. 

It feels forced because society is not prepared for technology at this level and if humanity is unable to handle the steady stream of improvements, we will simply drown in the superfluous of it. 

Yes, we do create our own future and have the power to do so. Nevertheless, with great power comes great responsibility. The power of humanity will never coincide with the processing power of a laptop.  

The company Neurolink, led by Tesla owner Elon Musk, is working on the ability to surgically place special computer chips inside humans’ brains. We as a society are not prepared for this kind of technology and probably never will be. Technology will keep growing and improving, but the human mind must remain natural and free as possible in order for society not to collapse. 

The frightening reality is that this creation would create a human-AI hybrid of sorts if Musk’s plan succeeds. To make things even more uncomfortable, this would mean that human thoughts could be accessed and hacked into if not protected correctly. 

In an interview with CNN, Daniel Newman said, “The idea of trusting big enterprise with our brain data should create a certain level of discomfort for society.”

“There is no evidence that we should trust or be comfortable with moving in this direction,” Newman said. 

Just imagine all these influences, hackers and misinformation going straight to your head, with no stopping. 

Thankfully, there are currently ways to stop this and block it. Setting down your cell phone or other technologies, or even just going for a walk in nature can help the mind step away from the internet. 

These are effective at the technological state that we’re in right now. However, it will turn pointless once we get too deep in technology, such as computer chips in the human mind. 

The growth of modern technology has changed how we think, learn and communicate. In a way, mankind eased into the realm of using technology efficiently. However, as we keep advancing, the need for the best keeps driving it. The immaturity and blindness of this drive is what scares me the most. 

Day by day, humans are losing connections with each other more and more. What’s growing are the deep connections between man and technology. This will certainly damage human society if it keeps rising exponentially. 

Technology’s sole purpose was to make the world feel smaller and intertwine us all together. Yet, this idea is becoming lost in the narcissistic environment of rival companies competing for the next best innovation.  

Technological advancement must slow down so that society is able to catch up with all the new developments. With a wiser process of integrating these developments, society will be able to survive growth as the technology evolutions continue.