The Office leaves Netflix

Megan Voorhees, Digital Media Manager

As the year 2020 seemed to defy all expectations but little did we know it still had one more disappointment planned. The popular show among students and adults The Office was removed from the streaming platform we all know and love, Netflix. 

I myself was truly displeased with hearing the news. The show was like a pick me up, whenever I had a rough day I would hunker down in the living room to laugh to take my worries away. 

Although watching the comedy isn’t taking place on Netflix it can be found on CBS All Access. 

Knowing I am in the same position as my fellow Office lovers, CBS All Access will probably never be purchased. Streaming services are expensive. Having multiple at a time can cost a pretty penny, and as a jobless student, I wouldn’t want to force a new bill upon my parents.

Although no show can replace The Office for me, there are some shows similar to it that can help fill the gap. 

Parks and Recreation-

With the comedic talents of Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, and regular guest appearances from Chris Pratt, it’s hard to go wrong with the same documentary style. A small town’s parks department runs into some problems when it tries to bite off more than they can chew. Many likable characters throughout the show that the viewer will fall in love with. Who knew a small town that owns the title for top five most obese could be so funny!


In my opinion one of the most non-talked about sitcoms, The Community is another great option. Comedian Donald Glover is featured in the co-ed study group at the community college where ex-lawyer Jeff Wigner must study to get a job. Throughout the duration of the show, I could find little jokes to laugh at!