Greta Van Fleet doesn’t disappoint with newest album

Greta Van Fleets most recent album cover.

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Greta Van Fleets most recent album cover.

Violet Kemperman, Reporter

Greta Van Fleet is straight out of the 70s. The Outfits and music alike, it’s almost like a flashback in time. Many have related the band to Led Zeppelin, after listening to both bands the resemblance is definitely there. The unique sound leaves listeners adoring the group, not only for their music but their charismatic and charming personalities. 

Van Fleet is a hard/blues rock band, created by three brothers Josh, Sam and Jake Kiszka and their friend Danny Wagner. Van Fleet was founded in Frankenmuth, Michigan, and only now has the band gotten popular. The songs aren’t targeted at any group in particular but for those who resonate with the music and admire the beauty in the songs they are creating. 

The band’s fame rose this year after an SNL performance of  “You’re the One.” At first, they began getting more fans through TikTok. After a few weeks, Greta Van Fleet blew up and gained more followers each week. 

Greta Van Fleet released the album The Battle of Gardens Gate this year, as its second album. This album contains the band’s more popular songs such as “Heat Above”, “My Way, Soon” and “Light My Love”.

“Heat Above,” inspired by 70’s glam aesthetic, is one of my personal favorites from the album. Throughout the song, an overall message of love and peace is conveyed. This song is my personal favorite not only because of the meaning but the sounds too. When listening to “Heat Above,” it reminds me of dancing at a music festival with all my friends, without a care in the world. The beginning of the song starts off quiet with a gradual crescendo as more instruments start playing. I absolutely love the beginning with the drums and the piano combination. When the guitar comes in you get a whole sound that solidifies the hard rock feel. 

“My Way, Soon” is about how when the four traveled throughout the country they had experienced different traditions and they were experiencing different perspectives, cultures, and lives as they were traveling which had a huge impact on the writing for this album. 

I want to specifically acknowledge the guitar solo, played by Jake Kiszka, towards the end of the song. I greatly appreciate the musicianship at the beginning of this song. I love how the song starts off quiet and then the rest of the band comes in with a bang with the beauty of rock. 

“Light My Love,” is another one of my personal favorites. It is a true love song, and that the only thing that could get in the way of his feelings, is whether the girls want to get with him or not. The lead vocalist is obviously not going to let anything stand in the way of him and his love. I admire the band for their take on a love story, where it strays from the normal mushy lyrics. The vocals in this song are something that stands out to me the most and what makes me love this song so much. Specifically talking about the range Josh Kiszka has is always leaving me speechless, the blend between the vocals and the instruments is what stands out and makes this song distinctive. 

“Light My Love” is one of the band’s slower songs, which I appreciate because it creates a good combination between hard rock songs and blues-rock. 

Overall, The Battle at Garden’s Gate is truly a special album and each song is intricately written with a story behind it. The members of Greta Van Fleet are outstanding not only as musicians but as songwriters. 

Check out Greta Van Fleet’s album The Battle at Gardens Gate.