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5 Topics other than politics to talk about at Thanksgiving

Alexandra Bakker November 22, 2022

Saying “let’s talk about politics” at Thanksgiving is the suburban equivalent of shouting “fire” in a crowded theater. Chaos will ensue. This is especially true if the cousins, aunts, uncles...

GHHS Young Democrats club looking to gain new members

GHHS Young Democrats club looking to gain new members

Rece Madison, Reporter September 29, 2021

Young Democrats club is one of the many activities available to students at Grand Haven High School, those who choose to participate will be discussing liberal and progressive issues, looking for ways...

Voice of the People – Whitmer’s line-item setbacks

Jacob Welch, Reporter November 26, 2019

The veto - an exceedingly rare power to be only used for the sake of the people, or for the Executive to act as a trustee for the people?  That’s the question at the heart of the discussion for Governor...

A crowd member holds up a sign that reads NO on one side and YES on the other. Many used the signs to communicate their distaste or approval for an idea expressed by Congressman Bill Huizenga.

Four staff members reflect on Congressman’s town hall

March 9, 2017

Please note that the following opinions do not reflect the views or stances of the Bucs' Blade as a whole. Maddie Monroe - Reporter “If I was that much of a snowflake I wouldn’t be here.” One...

American Sniper: people not politics

American Sniper: people not politics

With controversy building about the politics of the blockbuster American Sniper, the question becomes is it about the politics or the people?
Schaefer Thelen , Sports Editor February 8, 2015

As the screen faded to black and hundreds of moviegoers filed out of the 9:30 p.m. showing of American Sniper on Saturday, Jan. 17, the post-film mood was not a familiar one at the Grand Haven 9. The entire...

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