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AT THE BOARD: a community member addressed the board of education on May 9 about inappropriate material.

Clash over library content continues

Restoring Ottawa wants parental consent for kids to be able to check out books they think are age inappropriate.
Addy Vargo, Reporter May 24, 2022

Written language was invented roughly five and a half thousand years ago, the first book written somewhere between the second and fifth centuries, and throughout it all people debated about the ideas shared...

ADDRESSING THE BOARD: a Restoring Ottawa members shares their grievances with the Board of Education at the May 9 meeting.

CRT controversy goes local

Restoring Ottawa claims GHAPS is disguising critical race theory and leftist propaganda as diversity, equity and inclusion training. Administration disagrees.
Addy Vargo, Reporter May 24, 2022

Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin won election last fall, in part due to promises to ban critical race theory in classrooms.  This win highlights the nationwide controversy regarding the previously obscure...

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