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Junior embraces her style day to day

Natalie Dupuis, Assigning Editor March 1, 2020

Looking in the mirror, junior Kaitlen Erickson looks her outfit up and down admiring the different pieces of clothing she’s put together. She puts pieces together most people wouldn’t think of...

Stylish Streetwear

Fashion: stylish streetwear

Gabi Nadeau, Reporter December 5, 2019

CORNFIELDS, COSTUMES AND CULTURE, OH MY: Throughout the year, and especially on Halloween, people don clothes and styles of cultural significance to minorities. Wearing these styles, like cornrows, and treating them as costumes is cultural appropriation.

Culture is not a costume

With the passing of Halloween, we are forced to consider how our choices of apparel have impacted minorities in the community
Aliyah Austin, Reporter November 1, 2016

Sitting at my aunt’s feet, I slouched against the stained brown couch. Her dark hands tugged at my kinky curls. She detangled each ringlet, prepping my hair for cornrows. Once I was tangle-free, she...

Locks and loaded

Locks and loaded

Students are steering away from chemically altering hair, instead embracing their natural textures
Savannah Vickers, Reporter January 28, 2016

She looks in the mirror at her bronze spiral hair and with a face of disappointment, she struggles to gather it up into a bun hiding all of her curly mane away. It was just another normal day. Straightening...

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