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Top Five Funniest Super Bowl Commercials

Top Five Funniest Super Bowl Commercials

Sam Woiteshek, Co-Editor-In-Chief

February 4, 2020

Bud Light: “Inside Post’s Brain” Without every directly going at humor, Bud Light does it subtly as they show what the inside of Post Malone’s brain is thinking. The thoughts themselves are comical, but the true laughter comes when his inner thoughts look exactly like him. On the out...

“The Den” Podcast, Episode 12: “Shots Fired”

Sam Woiteshek, Nick Twa, Brendan Vander Meer, and Caleb Berko

January 31, 2020

Sports fanatics Sam Woiteshek, Nick Twa, and Brendan Vander Meer give their hottest takes on what is happening in the world of sports. This week they are joined by Bucs' Blade Managing Editor Caleb Berko. ...