What to expect from auditions for the winter play

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What to expect from auditions for the winter play

Sophia Jaeger, Arts Editor

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The auditions for the winter play “Death of a Hot Sauce Salesman” will take place on Dec. 5 after school in the Performing Arts Center. The winter play is a comedy following the story of a murdered salesman who is believed to have been killed for his coveted hot sauce recipe.

“‘Death of a Hot Sauce Salesman’ is kind of fluff, it’s rather silly,” Rita McLary drama club advisor said. “So then thinking about what kind of auditions to have, I want to allow my actors to be silly, to be able to read the lines tongue-in-cheek and have some wit about the character.”

The play has 12 roles in total. Some are specified by gender but some are not, giving McLary leeway in casting. She hopes to see people having fun and finding the humor in the selected readings from the scripts.

“I want it to be really relaxed and comic,” McLary said “So any auditioner needs to bring their sense of humor and to look at the lines and think: ‘How would you say this funny?’”

McLary sees the winter play as an opportunity for people who have not participated in a production to gain audition experience in a low-stress environment.

“We try and make these informal and help you to be relaxed because people get nervous when they audition,” McLary said “This is the time of the year that I feel like there’s a better chance for me to help people be more relaxed and have an audition that is not terrifying for them”

If you are not able to be at auditions, McLary is willing to set up an alternate time and can be contacted at [email protected]. She hopes to see faces both new and old trying out for this exciting opportunity.

“I want to encourage people to audition just because the more you audition the easier it gets,” McLary said “Everybody gets nervous but it gets  easier, this is a good way for people that have felt nervous in the past and want to work on their audition skills it’s good for people that are maybe new to the program or have just done small amount with the program because it’s more relaxed.”

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