Sophmore starts yoga club


Gabby Juhasz, creator of Yoga Club (Photo Courtesy Juhasz)

Sarah Mayer, News Editor


WHAT’S HAPPENING: Sophomore Gabby Juhasz is starting Yoga Club.

WHEN: The first meeting will be on Thursday Nov. 5, from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. and will continue to take place every Thursday. 

WHERE: The club will meet in the school library. 

WHO: Open to anyone who is interested, do not need any prior experience. 

THEY SAID IT: “I decided to start the club because I know how tense everyone is right now, and I thought it would benefit students to have a way to cope with stress from school and the virus. Plus, it’s super fun and something everyone can do!” — Gabby Juhasz, Sophomore, Creator of Yoga Club