Anatomy class dissects sheep brains


Nick Miller

PIN THE NEEDLE ON THE SHEEP’S BRAIN: Junior Syler Covelli places a pin into the designated spot on the sheep’s brain.

Nick Miller, Sports Editor

Anatomy teacher Todd Diederichsen’s anatomy class took part in a dissection of a sheep’s brain on Wednesday, Mar 3. Each student was placed into groups of two or three and given half of a sheep’s brain as well as a whole one. The students have been working up to this dissection for about two weeks now and this lab serves as a knowledge checkpoint.

Each group was tasked with labeling the parts of the sheep’s brain. They had their class books next to them with a diagram and were told to write down each part of the brain on a sheet given to them.

“It’s more of a lab for them to say, ‘Hey, I really know what I’m doing.’ So they are pinning all the different parts of the brain that I want them to know,” Diederichsen said.