New books in library


Elena Yu

Books on display in the library.

Elena Yu, Reporter

As February approaches an end we steer towards the month that encourages reading the most: March. 

Librarians Dana Rider and Samantha Le have selected some novels to keep the effort updated with the latest goodreads.

 Recently they have been using YALSA, an online database to keep tabs on what teenagers from all over have been choosing to read. 

“We try really hard to keep the library updated, we want everyone to have something fit for them,” Rider said. 

Out of the newest books, Rider and Le have compiled a list of what they project to be high in demand:

  • Firekeepers Daughter by Angeline Boulley
  • I Must Betray You by Ruta Sepetys
  • The Witches Heart by Genevieve Gornichec

“Historical fiction and Mythology are becoming very popular,” Le said. 

Next time you find yourself in the library, be sure to check out the expansive selection of new novels.