Participate in Spartan Sunday: An event geared towards brightening up the MSU campus

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Hailey Neely, Reporter

Following the recent events at MSU, one of the school’s alumna, Emily Dannam decided to host an event called Spartan Sunday in hopes to lighten up the campus as students return back to campus following the tragic event.

When: Sunday, Feb. 19 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where: There will be tables and tents set up at the Spartan Statue, the Red Cedar River, and the Rock and Spartan Stadium where you can drop off your donations.

What to donate: Any donations that pertain to making the campus environment more positive. Some preferred donation items include trash bags to help clean up the campus, posters featuring positive messages to display on buildings, and flowers of any sort. You can also donate money via Venmo to the account @spartan_sunday and specify what you’d like the money to be used for.

Those who cannot afford to make any donations but would still like to volunteer are more than welcome to still show up alone or with friends and help pick up trash around the campus to make the atmosphere as positive as possible.