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Passion for fashion

Senior Kayla Shepard embraces her unique style that makes her stand out

January 9, 2018

How would you describe your fashion?

KS: I would describe my style as unique. I have a unique fashion sense because of my passion of how I put my colors together. Color coordinating, but not too much, not too less, its just perfect. I have a passion for fashion. I love clothes. I just love to look good, I love accessories. I like to pop out and look different to people.  

Who or what influences you?

KS: Tyra banks is my biggest influence because she is a unique person, I love her fashion sense and how she embraces her culture being an African American woman.

What are your favorite trends?

KS: It’s funny because I don’t even look to trends I kinda just do my own thing. There is nothing wrong with being yourself. Everybody should embrace who they are with whatever makes them happy and I embrace myself through fashion.

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