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Julia Drabczyk

Julia Drabczyk, Reporter

Julia Drabczyk, a Junior photojournalist who is brand new to the Bucs' Blade, strives for a fun and interesting learning experience that the Blade has to offer her. Drabczyk currently participates in several after school activities such as being apart of the cross country team, Student Senate, track and field team, and helps around the community of what Grand Haven has presented along with beach clean ups. Drabczyk enjoys beach volleyball, having fun with friends, traveling, going to the beach itself, and capturing all of the moments on camera. Julia hopes to attend a college in California and see where the journey will take her.

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[PHOTO] Miah Masvero

March 12, 2018
Just after the second buzzer Bridgeforth celebrates with Junior Collin Takas after their close game. The Bucs beat the Rams by 3 tight points with a score of 38-35. Now they are focusing on their last home game on Tuesday, Feb 20 against Grandville, where they will showcase their seniors and parents. They are looking to improve talking in general to perform better. “As a team we need to work on communicating better,” Bridgeforth said.

Round up the Rams

February 17, 2018
End the silence

End the silence

January 11, 2018

Passion for fashion

January 9, 2018
Winter Wardrobe

Winter Wardrobe

January 9, 2018

Body art

November 21, 2017
Senior Kathryn Jaeger (far left) poses with her friends in their custom designed T-shirts. The shirts read Kathryn Jaeger ruined the fight song on the front and Rah, rah, wrong!

Rah, rah, WRONG

November 1, 2016
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