Mock Trial Club to begin Tuesday, Nov. 15


Julia Drabczyk, Reporter

The judge slams down the gavel shouting “GUILTY,” and the tension in the room rises as the defendant is accused of double homicide. The attorney has to think quick on his toes until the clock strikes 4 p.m. The room calms as the club is dismissed, the simulation is over, and everyone heads out the door, onto their lives.

Starting on Nov. 15, the new Mock Trial Club will be in session. Every Tuesday from 2:50 p.m. to 3:50 p.m., students will explore the field of law to enhance their critical thinking and public speaking through competitive mock trials.

Due to the interest expressed from students in years past, law teacher Jason Duram has decided to put the club to action and become the adviser. So far, 46 students have taken interest. From there, students will be divided into teams with six to 10 members.

“Our goal is to work with local attorneys to one, help us prepare, but then two, to network,” Duram said. A number of these students are probably going into the legal field, so this will give them opportunities later on after they go to their various universities in college.”

Throughout the year, the group participates in a mock trial clinic in Lansing and competes in Grand Rapids at the regional mock trial clinic. Anyone is welcome to join, especially those who like to argue or debate about legal topics and law.

“We work with lawyers, various attorneys and judges,” said Duram. “To learn how trials work and get a good education on our legal system.”

Moving forward, the club is looking to give their best shot against other competitive schools at the mock trials. Local attorney, Sarah Riley Howard, has past experience with the mock trials, so she will be educating Mr. Duram throughout the process to help the club succeed.

“We’re excited,” said Duram. “It’s something brand new. I’m going to be learning right along with the students with how this actually functions.”