Senior Emma Chittenden teaches her siblings while school is shut down


Senior Emma Chittenden teaches her two younger sisters and cousin amid school shutdown.

Sophia Jaeger, Feature Editor

Senior Emma Chittenden works quietly on her homework while her younger sisters and cousin have nap time. With the COVID- 19 shutting down schools and her parents at work, Chittenden is in charge of both her own continued education and her younger family member’s.

“It’s stressful,” Chittenden said “It’s hard but I like to take care of other people before myself because that’s the kind of person I am.” 

While Chittenden enjoys being helpful, this shutdown has been anything but easy for her.

“I love being in school and I love being able to see everyone,” Chittenden said “Seeing all my friends and actually being able to sit in the classroom and, you know, because online school is so hard for me right now.”

Alongside dealing with the logistical aspects of a school shutdown, Chittenden is also dealing with the emotional loss of moments she was looking forward to in her senior year. With the announcement of all Michigan School Vocal Music associations festivals being canceled for this year Chittenden also faces a loss. 

“Being a senior I’m not gonna be able to experience, you know, festival and state this year,” Chittenden said “We’re all pretty devastated.”

Despite all this, Chittenden is trying to keep her hopes up.

“Maybe this is gonna get better,” Chittenden said “Hopefully we’ll be able to get back into school.”