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Basketball seniors Will McWatters and Jalen Greene reflect on their seasons during COVID-19 outbreak

Senior Will McWatters is pictured on the far left with his teammates after the team defeated Spring Lake in the

Nick Twa, Business Manager

April 20, 2020

There is one certain thing that has come along with all of the uncertainty pertaining to the COVID-19 outbreak, and that is plans ending or changing.  One of those plans is the boys basketball playoffs. For senior Will McWatters, having his senior season ending in the blink of an eye made him...

Senior Madison Shumaker remains hopeful through coronavirus lockdown

Senior Madison Shumaker remains hopeful through coronavirus lockdown

Macayla Cramer, Reporter

April 1, 2020

For senior Madison Shumaker, hearing about the school closing until mid-April did more than put school and activities on hold. As new announcements come every day from Governor Whitmer, her entire varsity softball season is up in the air, and for the time being the rest of the school year and senior a...

Senior Emma Chittenden teaches her siblings while school is shut down

Senior Emma Chittenden teaches her two younger sisters and cousin amid school shutdown.

Sophia Jaeger, Feature Editor

March 18, 2020

Senior Emma Chittenden works quietly on her homework while her younger sisters and cousin have nap time. With the COVID- 19 shutting down schools and her parents at work, Chittenden is in charge of both her own continued education and her younger family member’s. “It's stressful,” Chittenden said “It'...