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Macayla Cramer

Macayla Cramer, Reporter

Senior Macayla Cramer is eager to enjoy every bittersweet moment of her last year has a reporter and photojournalist on the Bucs’ Blade staff. She can’t wait to continue to strengthen her newfound passion for journalism. Cramer's goal for this year is to focus on publishing her finest pieces of writing, to fixate over every small detail and to work ahead of schedule. If you can’t find Cramer running back and forth with a camera next to the football field or hear her freaking out over a deadline, then you’ll mostly find her in a Senate meeting or outside involved in her many athletic obsessions, such as rugby and ski team. Cramer wants to participate in has many activities and sporting events as she can before starting on a career path in the English field.

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TAKING A DIVE: Malott executes a challenging dive during a meet. The junior brightens the squad’s spirits with his energy that is often contagious for everyone around him. This also is noticeable in the style of Malott’s leadership and personality.

Diving Deeper

February 21, 2019
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