Senior Carter Brown juggles AP classes and coronacation


Senior Carter Brown has been having some fun on his coronacation.

Ben Pease, Arts and Entertainment Editor

“I always pictured it happening, but I didn’t know it would happen so soon,” senior Carter Brown said. 

The virus has haunted Brown’s senior year since the swim state meet was forced to cancel just weeks prior to school closing. This promptly ended his final year of swimming for the Bucs on a somber note. 

The time off from school certainly has not been a delightful vacation for Brown. He is currently juggling three AP classes that have now been switched to online. This means there is  a lot of homework continuously circulating through his chromebook keeping him very busy. 

“School being online makes it seem like a lot more work,” Brown said.

Along with many other high schoolers and the general public, social distancing has been the biggest difficulty for Brown so far on his break from school. 

“Before, I would hang out with my friends almost every day,” Brown said. “Not being able to see them at all is a big challenge.” 

While he’s not too scared of the coronavirus, he knows it’s important to take the threat is poses seriously because it can be harmful to many people in Grand Haven and around the world. 

Brown plans on making the most of the next month off away from school by having a positive mindset about his time spent in quarantine.

“I’m going to stay positive and try to make the best of the situation,” Brown said. “But I do hope things go back to normal soon.”