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College visits are now virtual

A GHHS student fills out a google form to sign up for a virtual college visit. The form includes a place for your name, an email address, a student ID and a list of college visits you can choose from.

Natalie Dupuis, Assigning Editor

October 3, 2020

Due to COVID-19, all college visits are now virtual through Zoom and military visits are one-on-one or outside after school.  “College visits are scheduled right now mostly through October and a couple scheduled in November,” Student Services secretary Barbara Berko said. “There’s also a vir...

Senior Kaelyn Stafford reflects on time lost on the field

Senior Kaelyn Stafford reflects on time lost on the field

Camille Berko, Managing Editor for Content

May 14, 2020

For one group of students, the coronavirus outbreak has hit harder than most. Senior athletes looking forward to their final season wearing Buccaneer colors won’t get the chance to finish this chapter of life on their own terms now. Although their story continues, an abrupt end to an important ch...

Trumpet section leader Carson Bretz reflects on band experience

Trumpet leader Carson Bretz shakes band director Iain Novoselich's hand at the

Morgan Womack, Co-Editor-In-Chief

May 13, 2020

Before heading off to their second hour on Friday, March 13, band director Iain Novoselich had his first hour students play the song “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”  This song has been a tradition for the Grand Haven High School bands as a piece for the seniors to play at their final concert, usual...

Orchestra seniors yearn to practice just one more time with fellow musicians

Orchestra seniors yearn to practice just one more time with fellow musicians

Caleb Berko, Managing Editor

May 11, 2020

If it weren’t for a pandemic, the orchestra would be performing in its final concert of the year. A grand send-off for its seniors who have dedicated so much to the program.  Assistant concertmaster and senior Kathryn Ackerman was sad to see that opportunity taken away.  “I didn’t real...

Pay it Forward seniors get creative in the midst of COVID-19 outbreak

The Pay it Forward class poses for a picture at Out Side In, a local mental health facility that uses animals to treat patients.

Emily Jarrell, Reporter

May 8, 2020

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has messed up a lot of people’s plans, but little did senior Tahlia Lehmann and Sam Hager know it would flip the Pay it Forward projects around 180 degrees. “We had to change our project,” Hager said. “We will not be able to do our original project and we're stil...

Track & field seniors plan for what’s next, reflect on missed season

Senior Carter Larned leads a pack of buccaneer runners in a cross country meet. This year, he would've been a team captain on the boys track team.

Grant Engelsman, Photo Editor

April 29, 2020

Six weeks ago, all student athletes were told by MHSAA that spring sports were officially canceled. This affected so many student athletes from all sports. One of the sports affected was boys and girls track and field.  Grand Haven’s senior captains, Carter Larned and Maddie Nunn each had thei...

“There isn’t anything I’d give for just one more practice”

From left to right: now seniors Connor Worthington, Alex Kapala, Tyler Harp, Caleb King and Owen Krizan pose with the District Champions trophy they won in 2019.

Caleb Berko, Managing Editor

April 28, 2020

When baseball seniors Alex Kapala and Owen Krizan walked off the field last year they never imagined it’d be their last. The news of their season ending so abruptly hit them both pretty hard.  “I was in shock,” Krizan said. “It was definitely hard to understand everything and put it all toge...

Special education teacher Melissa Richardson finds balance amid chaotic new schedule

Special education teacher Melissa Richardson poses in front of her new

Morgan Womack, Co-Editor-In-Chief

April 17, 2020

Special education teacher Melissa Richardson described the last day of in-person education as chaotic. She scrambled to send homework and lessons home with her students, making sure each of them had the resources they needed. “That Friday just sending work home in all subject areas that match...

Senior Natalie Bremmer spends quarantine working out

Senior Natalie Bremmer flexes her muscles.

Adrienne Parcheta, Reporter

April 4, 2020

When Governor Whitmer called off school, it was a shock to everyone. It was especially hard for seniors, as their last year of high school was taken away from them in a matter of seconds. Senior Natalie Bremmer is not excluded from these emotions. “At first I was in shock and then I was devastated,” Bremmer...

Senior Carter Brown juggles AP classes and coronacation

Senior Carter Brown has been having some fun on his coronacation.

Ben Pease, Reporter

March 24, 2020

“I always pictured it happening, but I didn’t know it would happen so soon,” senior Carter Brown said.  The virus has haunted Brown’s senior year since the swim state meet was forced to cancel just weeks prior to school closing. This promptly ended his final year of swimming for the Bucs o...

Sophomore stays connected outside of school

Sophomore Ellie Guilford holds up her dog, Melaina. The break from school helped her make more time to spend with her pets and family.

Morgan Womack, Co-Editor-In-Chief

March 20, 2020

Sophomore Ellie Guilford has mixed feelings about this time off from school.  “I was excited at first but then I realized, ‘oh, that means I don’t get to do anything for three weeks,’” Guilford said. “But, I mean, I get to be with my cat all day.” She likes to keep her cat Sofia...

Sophomore Gavin Hubner practices Yo-Yo while on leave from school

Sophomore Gavin Hubner says he likes to spend his newfound free time going on walks and reading among other things. He's not worried about getting classwork done since he says he works better outside the classroom anyway. “I work very well by myself,” Hubner said. “I find sometimes the classroom environment confuses me, so if I have a choice to watch a video and learn from that I would pick that over sitting in a class.

Caleb Berko, Managing Editor

March 17, 2020

Sophomore Gavin Hubner’s walls are lined with books, an Adventure Time poster and various Star Wars Lego sets among other things. His floor is clear of any clutter and his bed is made.  It’s here where he plans to spend the majority of his break away from school.  If you recognize Hubn...