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SAW IT: Brian Williams saws a small piece of wood to use in an upcoming project.

Brian Williams creates masterful wood creations

Megan Voorhees, Photo Editor March 9, 2022

As the blue wooden door slowly creaks open, a loud buzz and mechanical whirr become audible. A heavy woodsy smell creeps into your nostrils as you take the final step into the garage where you are transported...

Evan Kasbohm grabs a can of soup off the shelves, this can will be donated to the Bucs Care Food Pantry.

Swim team gives back

Megan Voorhees, Photo Editor February 10, 2022

The boys Swim and Dive team is teaming up with the Bucs Care food pantry for a food drive. There will be a donation box at their meet on Thursday, Feb. 10. Nonperishable food items and money will be accepted...

Student Senate Leaders Share Goals For The New Year

Student Senate Leaders Share Goals For The New Year

Rece Madison, Reporter December 13, 2021

As the 2021-2022 school year continues, the GHHS student senate has been working regularly to plan and improve activities both in-school and out. Despite this work, most GH students and members of the...

Outdoor Ed climbs to new heights

Outdoor Ed climbs to new heights

Camille Berko, Editor In Chief November 13, 2021

The Bucs huddle up one last time to reflect their last game and to thank their seniors for all their time and effort put in.

Girls volleyball post-season run extinguished by Rockford

Grant Engelsman, Reporter November 11, 2021

After a tough loss, the Buccaneers girls volleyball team's season came to a screeching halt by the hand of the Rockford Rams. Tuesday, Nov. 9, the lady Bucs despite leaving everything on the court, ended...

GHHS Students And Staff Prepare For Homecoming 2021

GHHS Students And Staff Prepare For Homecoming 2021

Rece Madison, Reporter October 7, 2021

As homecoming time approaches, GHHS Student services are beginning to prepare students for the week of fun-filled activities celebrating Homecoming. Concluding with the homecoming dance, the many plans...

Junior Xander LaLonde was awarded a BUC$ during a art class by teacher Mitch Moore.

GHHS acknowledges positive actions through BUC$

Riley Vining, Reporter October 5, 2021

There is a new thing going around school called Buc$, and they promote going above and beyond. Faculty can hand out Buc$ when they see students demonstrating Grand Haven T.E.A.M. expectations. After being...

GHHS Young Democrats club looking to gain new members

GHHS Young Democrats club looking to gain new members

Rece Madison, Reporter September 29, 2021

Young Democrats club is one of the many activities available to students at Grand Haven High School, those who choose to participate will be discussing liberal and progressive issues, looking for ways...

G.R.E.E.N. Club gets together at the end of a beach clean up on Sept. 18 for a group photo.

G.R.E.E.N Club cleans up Rosy Mound

Violet Kemperman, Reporter September 21, 2021

The G.R.E.E.N. Club, lead by Mr. Portenga, met at Rosy Mound, Sept. 18, to do a beach clean-up. After walking the trail for 15 minutes, the groups set out, bags in hand and scouring the sand.  Each...

Senior Mike Baldus picks up a record to clean it off. Baldus started vinyl club with the intention to listen to more music on this medium.

Students put a spin on music

Jacob Welch, Reporter September 18, 2021

Vinyl club met for the first time this Thursday in the high school and then at an audio store to share their passion for music, particularly albums on spinning black disks.  “Every listening event...

Sophomores Payden Pittman and  Mackenzie Stanhope hold up Green club sign, promoting the club during the club mixer at lunch on September 2nd.(Photo taken by Megan Voorhees)

G.R.E.E.N. club starts meetings again for the school year

Megan Voorhees, Photo Editor September 7, 2021

The first meeting is scheduled for Wednesday the 8, at 7 a.m. Meetings will continue on the same time schedule but on Mondays for the rest of the school year.   G.R.E.E.N. Club’s first priority...

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