First Priority is looking for new members

Annabelle Waterman, Reporter

First Priority is a student-led club that is intended to connect the church to school campuses all over the nation. It’s a place where members of the high school can come together and connect with one another through their faith. 


“We just want a safe place for kids to meet that are like-minded.” Director of First Priority in Ottawa County Sandy Mast said. “Maybe they’re Christian or Evangelistic, or maybe they just need a space at lunch.” 


Students take turns presenting a verse or important message that resonates with them each week. 


“It’s crazy to be able to walk in and relate to whatever is being taught, no matter the lesson,” Sophomore Regan Hodge said. “The lesson will always be exactly what you need to hear.”


First Priority isn’t exclusive to religious students, everyone is welcome. The club meets every Tuesday during all lunches in room 1106. Pizza is often offered. The club is always looking for more members and is excited to welcome new faces.