GHHS Hosts Multicultural Family Night


Kassity Perrault

Folklore danced preformed before presentations.

Kassity Perrault, Reporter

Multicultural family night is held every year inviting families from different cultural backgrounds to come together at Grand Haven High School’s cafeteria and enjoy a provided dinner. This year it was Wednesday, Oct. 19. There is a table in the cafeteria with an assortment of foods as well as many booths giving academic and community resources. Throughout the night there are presentations given by former students, Shape Corp, and Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates.

“If you are a student and English is your second language or your parent’s native language isn’t English, it’s hard to know what’s out there, what opportunities there are, it’s hard to connect with our school.” Migrant recruiter Abby Teasley said. “It’s making sure that everybody gets the same opportunity and connecting our families and our students with not just their school but our community.”

The dinner helps immigrant parents and families find places in their community that welcome them and are willing to help, as well as find others in similar situations.

“We want to build trust.” English learning teacher Benjamin Lawrence said. “Trust is the number one thing in education. When you’re working with migrant immigrant families we want to let these people know that we’re on their side and we’re here to serve them. School should be a safe and welcoming place for everyone.”