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ADDRESSING THE BOARD: a Restoring Ottawa members shares their grievances with the Board of Education at the May 9 meeting.

CRT controversy goes local

Restoring Ottawa claims GHAPS is disguising critical race theory and leftist propaganda as diversity, equity and inclusion training. Administration disagrees.
Addy Vargo, Reporter May 24, 2022

Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin won election last fall, in part due to promises to ban critical race theory in classrooms.  This win highlights the nationwide controversy regarding the previously obscure...

GHAPS School Board Appoints New Trustee

GHAPS School Board Appoints New Trustee

Rece Madison, Reporter October 14, 2021

After the resignation of GHAPS school board President John Siemion on Sept. 2, the school board began the interviewing process to find a new trustee. They appointed Marc Eickholt (41) to fill the position.  In...

Andy Ingall sends in retirement letter

Andy Ingall sends in retirement letter

Megan Voorhees, Photo Editor September 11, 2021

Grand Haven Area Public Schools Superintendent, Andy Ingall, released a statement announcing his retirement on September 10 at 2:29 pm. This will be in effect starting December 31, 2021. Finding a time...

Seniors help return cans

Seniors help return cans

Grace Ostric, Editor in Chief February 14, 2021

Seniors in Derek Warner’s Outdoor Education class helped return pop bottles from the “Return the Love” fundraiser for the Vredeveld family on Friday, Feb. 12.  All proceeds will go to the Vredeveld...

BOOKS: Students can have books delivered to their house when put on hold through Destiny Discover. Students are allowed to have up to 10 books checked out at once. Right now our bus drivers are doing the deliveries to your house media specialist Dana Rider said.

School library now on wheels

Natalie Dupuis, Assigning Editor December 17, 2020

Grand Haven Area Public Schools  is now delivering library books to those who need them for the rest of first semester. “All students have to do is go on Destiny Discover and reserve books they want,”...

Censoring outside perspectives

Censoring outside perspectives

February Staff Editorial Support 6-0
March 9, 2020

Throughout history, people have sought to silence others whose opinions and perspectives they disagree with.  We’ve seen this through racial segregation in the South, we’ve seen this through...

GHAPS leaders respond to parent groups criticism of literature

GHAPS leaders respond to parent group’s criticism of literature

Parent group is concerned about books in GHAPS libraries that they’d like to see placed behind the counter, severely limiting student access to certain titles
Caleb Berko, Managing Editor March 9, 2020

On Jan. 13 at the Grand Haven Area Public Schools Board of Education Meeting, a concerned parent, Jenifer Stuppy, brought to attention a list of books she deemed were “sexually explicit”. In particular,...

Laura Knochenhauer works on the interior of her familys bus. Right now it appears to be nothing more than plywood and tape, but soon it will be a fully functioning family home.

Steering toward the future

Science teacher builds eco-friendly, livable bus for family
Emma Manzo, Reporter November 26, 2019

The sun rises over an off-white school bus, its energy absorbed by the solar panels on the roof. This electricity allows the bus’ owner, science teacher Laura Knochenhauer,  to switch on the light inside....

Chelsea Bender assists students with a lab in her chemistry classroom

Learning walks show parents high school experience

Emma Manzo, Reporter November 7, 2019

WHAT'S THE STORY? Principal Tracy Wilson has several upcoming learning walks for parents to observe what high school is like for their students on Wednesday Nov. 19 from 1p.m. to the end of the day,...

So many snow days have students beginning to wonder if they should be studying during their time off or if they should be enjoying the time away from the classroom. Many found during the “snow-pocalypse” that a healthy balance of both was necessary to getting through the break.

Snow days causing CHAOS

With over two weeks of unexpected snow days this semester, teachers and administrators are scrambling to catch up with the curriculum
Caleb Berko, Managing Editor February 19, 2019

The number of snow days this semester has been unpredictable and the plethora of days away does not come without consequence. Each year the state allots six days to districts for weather related days...

Visual Artist Kaitlynn Park

Visual Artist Kaitlynn Park

Sophia Jaeger, Feature Editor October 25, 2018

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