Senate leaders reflect on their career coming to an end

May 20, 2020

Like every other club and sport, Student Senate’s seniors missed out on a big part of their year. Senior Class President, Caleb Berko, is eager to find some closure. 

“We are hopeful we can get back together once this is over – not just as a senior senate group – but as an entire senior class,” Berko said. “This virus has robbed so many people of so many different things, and seniors are one of those groups that were robbed; we were robbed of our time together and our year-end celebrations, so there are plans in the works about how and when to get back together.”

The memories that have already been made, however, are something that will last forever, even if new ones aren’t made. Student Senate President, Juliette Beals, has made many close bonds through the program.

“Something I will miss most is the relationships, the friendships and the relationships that I made on senate are so special to me and near and dear to my heart,” Beals said. “I watch videos and look at pictures of Senate events that I’ve done and our class Senate I think has been really close. I’ll just miss those people all the time getting to work with them.”

It’s said that in difficult times, leaders rise. Berko and Beals hope that a new group of leaders will learn from their leadership and experiences. 

“I hope next year’s leaders aren’t afraid to take a step out there and try new things,” Berko said. “Obviously, they’ve witnessed our class miss out on things this year and they’ve seen our resilience through this. I hope they take what they’ve observed from us and are open-minded enough to do something truly special for their classmates.”

Reflecting on her experience in Senate, Beals recommends new Senators put themselves out there. 

“Don’t be afraid, I came into freshman year Senate and I was just kind of like, I don’t really want to take leadership roles, I just want to be here and be a member but I’m not gonna put myself out there,” Beals said. “Then I have no idea what sparked me, but now I’m in charge of the entire thing, which is just kind of crazy to look back on.”

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