High School Musical the Musical the Series is the greatest spin off to childhood favorite High School Musical


I was scrolling through Instagram when I first learned of “High School Musical the Musical Series”, and I was furious at the notion they were recreating the movie series that defined my childhood. 

Disney has a tendency to take the things I love, turn them into trashy spin-offs and completely ruin them for me. 

So I was terrified that this new show about “High School Musical” would take my shiny childhood memories and shove them in the gutter. Because of this fear, I dismissed it entirely and actively avoided any promotional material.

I was content with ignoring it and going about my life. 

But after a persuasive conversation with my  sister I decided to get past my bias and watch the first episode, figuring I owed my 7-year-old self at least that much.

Thank god I did because I not only liked the first episode, but I loved it! I ended up watching the four that were out so far in a single midnight binge.

Disney usually approaches remakes with a change it just a bit mindset.  But with “High School Musical the Musical the Series” I was met with a fresh and profound take that left me craving more.

So maybe it was unfair of me to assume that Disney Plus was just another Disney Channel. 

The concept of the series is ingenious. Instead of creating a new High School Musical which could only be compared to the original and would always fall short, they went down an entirely different path.

This brilliant path follows a group of highschoolers mockumentary style as they take on the production of “High School Musical the Musical”. It’s full of angsty teen relationships and classic theater kid tropes. With bits of classic “High School Musical” music mixed in with new power ballads, it’s a tapestry of both new and old. 

It’s fun, cute and maybe it’s not the best thing in the world but it’s exactly what it needs to be. A semi-dramatic love story that deals with real issues in a musical way. I mean how else are Disney characters supposed to deal with their emotions if they’re not writing music.

It’s the perfect mix of freshness and nostalgia that can be enjoyed by original fans and a new generation alike.