Bucs’ Test Kitchen baking begins Monday

Connor Weber, Reporter

Monday, Sept. 29 will mark the kickoff of a new club known as Bucs’ Test Kitchen. This week, members will submit some of their tastiest homemade cookies for judging, and possible prizes. Those interested in joining can see Mrs. Ruiter in room in 7213 to sign-up and for further information.

The club will begin meeting every-other Monday following the bake-off and anyone who enjoys cooking, or is looking to learn is encouraged to join.

“There’s no specific goal other than to bring people together who enjoy cooking food,” club supervisor Lindsey Ruiter said.

The focus will shift from week to week, ranging from baking technique to decorating skills. Additionally, club members have the opportunity to learn techniques for baking allergy-friendly recipes.

“We’ll have a day with gluten free baking, and probably keep most things nut free because there’s a lot of those allergies out there,” Ruiter said.