Spring Lake and Grand Haven Rowing Club

Spencer Sortman, Reporter

Winter training for the Grand Haven and Spring Lake rowing club started on Wednesday, Feb. 1. Coach Paul Winter encourages students to join the training as soon as possible, and within the week of the 6th. The club is off on Monday, Feb. 6 but is usually trains in Ferrysburg City Hall on Ridge Road in room 6 every Monday and Wednesday at 5pm, and Fridays at 3:15pm. The two-month winter training costs $100 and is a requirement to be in the club, as it not only increases physical fitness but builds up the technique needed to row correctly and efficiently. Rowing is a difficult sport, however, you need only be in average physical condition to join.

“Our conditioning program,” Winter said, “Working on indoor rowing machines (ergometers/ergs), stretching and light to moderate weight resistance over the next two months, will get a student in very good physical condition.”

Although there is a lot of physical strength and endurance that goes into rowing, it is just as much of a mental sport. The last few hundred meters of a race require intense mental toughness, and the rower to push through the mental wall where the body says to stop.

In addition to the mental game, rowing requires a team effort.

“It requires all eight rowers synchronized to move the boat with speed and grace,” Winter said, “That’s a life skill that will carry over to their career – working together to accomplish a goal.”

Rowing is a great option to get in shape for other sports. Although requiring some arms, the legs do 70 percent of the work so the training is good for volleyball, basketball, track, skiing, tennis, hockey or any other sport that requires leg strength and endurance.

The club is competitive against the 25 other schools in Michigan that have rowing teams or club and other teams from Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. It was also one of 18 schools to participate in the State Rowing Association of Michigan Championship last year. Those interested in the club should contact Coach Paul Winter at [email protected] for more information.

There is a place where cerebral and corporeal meet – they call it rowing.

– Barry Strauss from “Rowing Against the Current”