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Senate kicks off homecoming week with hallway decorations

Senate kicks off homecoming week with hallway decorations

Gabi Nadeau, Reporter October 7, 2019

Student senate decorates the hallways in preparation for homecoming week. The theme for this year was board games. Class of 2020:  The senior class took on the theme of CLUE. Pods 2 and 6 were surrounded...

Grand Haven Surfing Gear

  Among the many summer activities, surfing is one of the most fun, however, surfing on Lake Michigan can be intimidating as the wave breaks are often inconsistent and the variety of wave sizes...

Spring Lake and Grand Haven Rowing Club

Spencer Sortman, Reporter February 12, 2017

Winter training for the Grand Haven and Spring Lake rowing club started on Wednesday, Feb. 1. Coach Paul Winter encourages students to join the training as soon as possible, and within the week of the...

Setting them straight

Connor Weber, Reporter February 5, 2015

Well it’s fixed. We have cured racial prejudice. Everyone loves everybody. Right? Or was the school improvement video featured on Martin Luther King Jr. day just another band-aid; a beautiful way...

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