Senate kicks off homecoming week with hallway decorations


Gabi Nadeau, Reporter

Student senate decorates the hallways in preparation for homecoming week. The theme for this year was board games.

Class of 2020: 

The senior class took on the theme of CLUE. Pods 2 and 6 were surrounded with vintage decorations, a suspect list featuring staff members and a fake crime scene, showcasing the time the senior staff took to outshine the other halls.

Class of 2021:

Junior decorated according to the game of Candy Land. A highlight was the balloon arch that is seen in pod 5 and the gumdrop trees surrounding the halls.

Class of 2022:

 Sophomores were decorating the halls with Monopoly-themed decor and fake money. They turned the pod 8 sign into the iconic “Uncle Pennybag”.

Class of 2023: 

Battleship was the choice of game for the freshman. Pod 7 was decorated with the “GH” ship taking down a sinking ship of rivals Caledonia, as well as blue waves and nets surrounding the halls.

The decorated halls represented the school spirit of each class and will get students excited for homecoming week and further activities to come.